When it comes to buying or selling land, a contract de vanzare-cumparare teren (land sale-purchase agreement) is a crucial document that outlines all terms and conditions related to the transaction. However, there are also tax implications involved in this process that should not be overlooked. In this article, we will discuss the notarial fees associated with a contract de vanzare-cumparare teren and how to navigate them.

First of all, it`s important to understand that notarial fees vary depending on the value of the transaction. These fees are calculated based on a percentage of the agreed-upon sale price of the land. In Romania, the notarial fees for a contract de vanzare-cumparare teren range from 0.5% to 1.5% of the sale price, with a minimum and maximum fee also in place.

For example, if the agreed-upon sale price for a piece of land is 100,000 lei, the notarial fees can range from 500 lei to 1,500 lei. The minimum fee for notarial services is currently 300 lei, while the maximum fee is 15,000 lei.

It`s also worth noting that these notarial fees are separate from any other taxes or fees that may be required in the land sale-purchase process. For instance, there may be a land registration fee, a local tax, or a notary stamp fee that must be paid as well.

When it comes to paying the notarial fees, they are typically split equally between the buyer and the seller. However, this can be negotiated as part of the contract de vanzare-cumparare teren. If the buyer or seller is exempt from paying notarial fees (for example, if they are a public institution), the other party will be responsible for the entire amount of the fees.

In conclusion, notarial fees are an essential aspect of a contract de vanzare-cumparare teren, and it`s important to understand how they are calculated and distributed. By staying informed and working with a qualified notary, buyers and sellers can ensure a smooth and successful land transaction.